Icefish Fishing Academy

Icefish has a transparant body and it only lives in a cold water. Since it is caught around winter season, many people think that icefish only lives in the cleanest water. However, icefish has excellent adaptation ability based on the living environment and it can be found in general freshwater.


Generally used for catching icefish

Bait for Icefish Fishing

Maggots are perfect bait for catching an icefish as they are bite-sized for icefish. To catch more icefish, it is better to change baits often.

How to Bait Maggot

Black part of the maggot is the head and it is tough. So, bait the maggot from the tail side and cut the maggot into half with scissors
(Makes big difference in biting)

How to Fish

Icefish moves in a group and it is important to find the best spot. When icefish does not bite for a long time, it is better to move to different spots. A moderate spot would be a 3~4m deep water wtihout trappings such as water plant at the bottom. It is easy to catch icefish around the morning time.

Strategy for Fishing Time

7:00~8:00 AM : Bottom
9:00~10:00 AM : 1~2m above the bottom
11:00 AM :2~3m from the ice
Noon~1:00 PM : 1~1m from the ice
Works in reversed way during the afternoon